How To Download and Unlock products

1. Downloading Apps & Clockfaces

Find clockfaces and applications in these places:

  1. Fitbit Mobile App
    Quickly open and explore the mobile app to find watchfaces & apps
  2. Fitbit Gallery
    Browse the web gallery to see all available clockfaces & apps
  3. Paymee Store
    You can find here all the clockfaces and applications created with Paymee

Click download to install it to your Fitbit Smartwatch.

2. How to unlock a product

If your screen is being blocked by a QR Code and a link, this means the product needs to be activated. You can either:

Use your mobile phone camera to scan the blocking QR Code.

Access the link ( displayed under the QR Code in a browser.

This will redirect you to the Payment Page where you activate the product using your email address.

3. How to make a purchase

- Input your email address. This is required to make a payment and to unlock the product in the future!

- Click continue and remember to scroll down and click the Return to merchant button after you pay!

- If you skip this last step, the seller has to manually confirm the payment before you can unlock the product!

4. How to get a refund

In case you are not happy with the purchase, you may contact the developer to request a refund via PayPal.

The transactions are made between clients and developers.
Paymee does not receive or store anyone's money and therefor is not able to issue refunds.

5. How to see purchase history

You may register a Paymee account to see all your purchases in one place.
Any payment made with the same email address will be added to that list, so you can one-click install the products!